Sunday, 1 January 2017


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

"Just as it is not a sin to be ill, it is not a sin too be young and weak" - Ahro (Hwarang)

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At last ! 2016 has come to its end. Welcome 2017!!!

So here I am, with new look and new link. It's simpler than all my previous skin and easy to use. If you are wondering why those menu tab above end up at the same page, well basically because I haven't finish editing yet and yes because SA is too lazy to do everything. It may look simple but the editing were like crazy. I want to make it to be few pages but in one place (I hope you get what I'm trying to say) but I couldn't find how. But thanks anyway to wanaseoby for creating and giving permission to use this. I personally like her works very much. I have been reading her and atiqahjaidin's blog all this time for such tutorial and editing. Okay back to the topic.

Actually I don't feel anything about feeling excited for new year or sad for leaving 2016.

But you know what, 2016 is really a tough year for everyone. It's a year where a lots of people come and go. I don't really have things to say about this but I want to thanks 2016 for a lots of things.

Thanks for teaching me the meaning of real friendship.
Thanks for teaching me how to walk alone and trust myself.
Thanks for giving me a chance to change everything before it's too late.
Thanks for every chance given that allow me to spread my wings even bigger.

So, like usual, every year I'll post this 'two zero one ....' thing and list my wishes for the upcoming year. Even I know I am not able to achieve some of my goals that I make at the beginning of every year. But whatever. I'll never stop dreaming unless I die. Well of course it's dreaming with efforts.
  • Buy a new phone with my own money that I got from my part time job
  • Get motorcycle license
  • Be able to get into any university in a course that I love
  • Be able to collect money for me to use it during furthering studies
  • Be able to own a guitar
  • Learn Chinese language and chinese/korean calligraphy
  • Be more independent and matured
  • Just simply wanna be happy

Hahahahaha it's fewer than previous year right? I used to dream a lot of things but that's life. As we get older, we realize many things just won't happen unless it's a miracle. So let's just focus on a simple thing we believe our self could do it. So here some precious BTS's wishes for you.

poor min yoongi :'( i hope he will get better sooner.

Like I've stated in my previous post, I would like to share my plan for this whole 6 months of waiting. Okay actually SPM result will be announced in March but it will take 'at least' 2 or three month for the university/college entrance.
  1. Get my motorcycle license.
  2. Find a full time job.
  3. If I have free times, I want to go to Chinese language class. IF I have.
  4. If not I'll just probably studying languages at home.

That's all. I really don't have anything to do, guys. I would literally stay in bed whole day and staring at my phone and laptop all the time if I don't.

Till I have some free time to update again, BYE! Have a happy new year everyone!

Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

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